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To fabulous for a thong!

So here's the deal - its Boudoir! And NO one knows what to wear..... We have you covered or not, we do implied nude or just plain nude, but now I am going off topic. So read on to learn about one item in the Boudoir genre photography repertoire.

So, lets start with our FAVORITE!!! The glorious bodysuit. Bodysuits are in our opinion the queen of Boudoir session lingerie for the simple fact that they almost always look amazing on any body type or shape.

There are many different styles of bodysuits: high-cut styles make anyone’s legs magically appear longer ( lets be real, everyone wants that!) A slimmer back cut over the booty gives the illusion of a little added perk to the tushie, perfect for those much desired #tushietuesday posts!

Some other options are deep plunging necklines to accentuate both the small and large chest! It works for both! Bodysuits come in a array of different materials the most popular being lace or sheer materials! Bodysuits are popular and easy to find within the style industry right now..

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