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Your exciting boudoir experience
will be like no other as we have-

  • A private studio with lots of creative photo shoot options

  • On location shoots available

  • Professional stylist for Hair and Makeup on site

  • Award winning, Certified Professional Boudoir photographer

  • We capture the best version of you for a lifetime

For more details check out our Intimates Photography Services Page 

Boudoir classic


Discover the art of self-expression and celebrate your unique beauty with our classic boudoir photo shoot experience. Step into a world of glamour, sophistication, and sensuality as we create breathtaking images that capture your true essence. These are timeless intimate photographs.

Boudoir outdoor

Outdoor and Themed

Escape to a world of creative expression and sensuality with our outdoor or themed boudoir photo shoot experience. We offer a unique twist on traditional boudoir photography, allowing you to explore diverse settings and themes that match your personality and fantasies.

Boudoir Sandy Oregon

Nudes & Implied Nudes

Our nude or implied nude boudoir photography experience is an exquisite celebration of the human form and your inner strength. It's an opportunity to embrace your sensuality and express your true self in a tasteful and artistic way. Unveil your beauty without clothing or draped in such away as it appears you are clothed and embrace your body with grace, elegance, and a newfound sense of empowerment.

Boudoir pin up

Pin up

The Pin-Up Style Boudoir Photography experience is a delightful journey back in time, celebrating the timeless allure of classic glamour and vintage sensuality. Step into the world of iconic pin-up imagery and capture your unique beauty in a fun and stylish way.

Boudoir black and white

Details & Black and White

Sometimes the impact of a image is all in the details.

We also offer timeless black and white portraits that gracefully capture your elegance. These can be a part of your portfolio images or can be an add on of a Legacy look.

Maternity Boudoir 1

Maternity Boudoir

Maternity sessions are a meaningful way for expecting mothers to embrace their changing bodies and create lasting memories of this special time. We focus on capturing intimate and sensual images to celebrate and emphasize the natural curves and glow of the mother-to-be.

Boudoir before and after

Before & Glam

At Mt Hood Photography, we've redefined the conventional "before and after" by acknowledging the undeniable truth: our clients are already breathtakingly beautiful. What we offer is a day of pure GLAM!

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Intimate Photography|Boudoir| Mt Hood Photography| Sandy, Oregon

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