A Certified Professional Boudoir Photographer runs a trustworthy, sustainable boudoir photography business in a time of many “fly by night photographers."

CPBPs provide top notch customer service, support to their local community, have unmatched professionalism, respectfulness of your privacy, same day viewing of your images, fast turn around times & have a great reputation with their clients.

It can be difficult to find a photographer you can trust with such an intimate photo shoot but CPBP photographers are taken through an extensive training course & test to prove that they have what it takes to give their clients the best boudoir experience, gorgeous flattering photos of their clients like they’ve never seen before & high end products they will cherish for a lifetime.

CPBPs don’t merely run sustainable boudoir photography businesses, they don’t stop until they’ve empowered every woman in their community with a life changing boudoir photography session.


Mt Hood Photography is a family (& friends) adventure where we are able to share our passion for photography, people, the outdoors and getting the perfect shot. We work together to meet the diverse intimate needs of our clients in what ever ways possible.

Kathy comes from a family of artists and has an eye for that perfect empowering intimate picture. Finding just the right light, position, and composition for each unique intimate image is a challenge she is willing to take on every time. She is an award winning photographer who has the CPBP designation. She has spent over a decade honing her skills so that your experience with her has you joyously skipping out of the studio. Her portraiture sessions can be done in studio in Sandy, Oregon or on location.

Chelsea has been a family friend for ever! and is actually just like family. Her passion for beauty, drama and all sorts of creative fun has been fine tuned by education and travel. Whether it is hanging out with her family and pets, riding on the bike with her guy, skiing, or attending comic-con events she does it with passion. Chelsea stays in tune with all the latest trends and products to help make your experience and you perfect!

Sarahi - pronounced Sarah, is a loving wife, mother of four beautiful children and an amazing licensed stylist. She specializes in on-site  hair and makeup. She has worked in the industry for almost 10 years, and has loved every minute of it! She started out in the industry by going to school to get licensing in Oregon and Washington. She began perfecting her skills by working closely with several world famous makeup artist, and photographers, spending a lot of her time doing photo shoots for magazines and fashion events. She truly has a passion for people and has a great time making her clients feel Purely Elegant!


Principal Photographer

What is photography’s appeal? It is a fraction of a second that you try to capture, with better or worse technique, with deeper or shallower depth of field, with WOW or so what results. That’s what draws photographers to create, and it is this magic that makes photography an art. The essence of photography, goes beyond what can be captured with the camera and be shown to others. It is the experience of the moment, and how one learns through the years to be aware of the present.

I have an artists eye that sees things differently. Photography is the medium in which I share that vision and I can hardly wait to share it with you. So that you see yourself as I see you: amazing, daring, creative, whimsical, bold and incredibly Beautiful!

With over 13 years as a professional photographer I created a studio so that I could focus my talents on the goal of empowering every women in my community.

Empowerment is felt through out the experience. I will guide you through the art of creating your images.

We start by meeting up to plan, encourage and get to know each other so that we an capture your uniqueness.

Your feelings of nervousness or unease are addressed and then work with you to feel confident in your decision to have a Boudoir shoot. Along with my passion for empowerment I have 100's of ecstatic past clients and have completed a certification program so you can rest assured that I am committed to giving you the best photo experience of your life and that I know exactly what I am doing.

Together we explore different looks and types of images so you know that your pictures will portray your distinctive personality. At Mt Hood Photography we help each client with wardrobe selection, accessories 

and look or feel of the shoot so that you are eager to see your images after your session.


Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup Artist

Chelsea is the ultimate artist! She is a local girl who followed her passion for enhancing the beauty of both hair and makeup by completing years of schooling. She continues to add to her special talents by attending forums and trade shows that help her keep up on all the greatest new techniques and products.

She is a huge Disney fan and you can find her at all local comic con events, strutting her awesome kind of style.

She works primarily from her own home based salon in Gresham and also works directly with us to provide onsite services for all our shoots.

Sarahi-pronounced Sarah, is a loving wife, mother of four beautiful children and an amazing licensed stylist. She specializes in on-site bridal and special occasion hair and makeup. She has worked in the industry for 10+ years. During her time at school and in the years to follow, she began working as an area artist trainer for Smashbox Studios. She has extensive training, not only by the studio, but by classes offered by other professionals.as well. She owns and operates Pure Elegance Artistry located in Sandy, OR. She loves her life, family and job.

40774 SE Trubel Rd | Sandy, Oregon 97055 | kathy@mthoodphotography.com | Tel: (503) 810-3633

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