The Universe Decides-

an adventure photo shoot experience

Experience Information

What is the universe decides?

The Universe Decides is a deck of cards used for inspired, creative, and challenging photo shoot.

The deck features 5 "suits" which are designated to send us on a wild adventure;  to an unknown location to create artistic, provocative and fun images on a whim as the location, wardrobe, and mood will all be determined by the Universe!


How does it work?

Like a traditional Boudoir shoot we start the experience with a planning session and wardrobe consult. We use this time to pick the cards that will determine the details of your shoot and schedule the date for your booking.


I feel a little nervous, what can I expect?

You are COMPLETELY normal! In fact, every single client has said that they are nervous when they book their appointment. You will be coached through the entire photo shoot, you will be told exactly what to do, how to pose, and what expression to give.  I won’t leave you guessing on what to do next.

Do I need to bring my own outfits for my adventure shoot?

Yes, you will wear your own outfit (s) in line with what the cards suggest. This can be a hint of the card selection or full on dress up and mood,  The “look” of your adventure is up to you. Keep in mind that dressing rooms will not be available and we can add & take off items of clothing and accessories but full outfit changes will be limited. 






















During our planning session we will decide what works best for your adventure. We can ride together, follow each other or meet up at the location.

Do you offer in studio hair/makeup/lashes prior to my session?

Yes.  Stylist services immediately prior to your photo shoot are available and highly recommended. I work with  fabulous professionals who will set us up for success. The stylist will come to the studio and work her magic on you in house, so that you’re at your best look for the camera. $120 is paid directly to the stylist by cash, check, card or PayPal.  

Lets talk investment-money- this looks expensive, what are the costs?

The Adventure is being offered at the introductory price of $497. This covers planning session, wardrobe consult, travel time, photo shoot experience, editing, reveal session, production/design and formatting of product purchases and delivery. You receive a 40% off credit that can be applied to any image purchase or package. We offer pre-shoot payment plans; book your session and make monthly payments for a predetermined amount of your choosing. It has the added bonus of locking in your product price and you have the freedom to choose effortlessly at your reveal. We also take all credit cards and can do an in house payment plan as well. Most sessions have an average product sale of $1,200.


Will you post my adventure photos on your website or social media?

No. Our client’s privacy is a high priority. Images used for our web site, social media or for promotion of products have all been copyrighted and we have been given exclusive permission and model releases to their use. We will never post images without written consent.


How soon will my photos be ready to look at?

Your images will be ready within 30-45 minutes of returning to the studio from your shoot. A light edit and slide show presentation will be done following your session so you can view and order your choices immediately! All chosen images will be fully edited for color correction and any further blemish removal etc. before being sent to print.  Products usually take up to 4 weeks to arrive once the order is paid in full and finalized. Products are not ordered until paid in full. Please schedule your appointment 4-8 weeks in advance keeping these times in mind.  If you anticipate wanting your products earlier, rush fees will apply starting at $50. 

D0 you retouch my images?

Yes. I will lightly touch up images from your session. Touch up includes –  skin softening, reducing the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, as well as blemish removal. I will pose, light, and style you to flatter YOUR figure.  Additional editing such as tattoo removal, tan line removal, clothing fix etc. will incur an additional fee. No “photo shop” changing will be done.

Do I have to show a lot of skin?

This is completely up to you!  Its your adventure! You can go super-sexy, with lingerie, or go a little more conservative- the cards will give you a base and you get to choose from there.  After all, it’s your photo shoot and I want you to be completely comfortable. You can change your mind as you go even!

What is your cancellation policy?

To be able to cancel your shoot without losing your deposit money, you must cancel within 72 hrs (3days) before your scheduled time.  You can reschedule ONE time only by contacting the photographer directly.  If it becomes necessary to reschedule again, the deposit becomes forfeit and a new deposit will be required to secure your next booking.


How do I see my final images?

Your reveal and ordering will occur directly after your shoot. All images from the shoot will be available for review then. Images are presented in person to you only as part of your experience. You are under no obligation to purchase any products. Although your going to want to- I promise!

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