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Intimate photography

experience of a lifetime

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  • We have a private studio with lots of creative & classical options

  • Photo shoots on location

  • Professional stylist for Hair and Makeup

  • Over a decade of experience with intimate photography

  • We capture the best version of you for a lifetime

All experiences start with your planning consultation so we can create your perfect boudoir experience. 


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Because you're the definition of beauty.

Kathy- principle photographer

Why I love boudoir and women’s portraiture:

I get to capture a moment in your life, as your best self, forever.

From authentic to whimsical and even a bit alluring, Your empowering experience creates amazing moments preserved for you, that can be shared with your loved one. 

Lets casually meet and explore the boudoir style your looking for.

We discuss details about your photoshoot, expectations and to get to know each other a bit before your booking. 

Tell is all about your why and style that way we can tailor your experience 

to create the amazing images that best capture you.



                                                         Call Today to schedule your


or book your consultation or photoshoot here- 


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You're going to love how confident you feel your experience starts with professional hair and makeup!

It's done right in our

Sandy, Oregon studio,

Your photo shoot is your

personality, taste, and vision

come to life. 

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You are art-

Pricing of albums and artwork can be found here

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Want to see more images?-

Intimate Photography | Boudoir | Mt Hood Photography | Sandy, Oregon

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