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A walk in the park....

You may have realized if you have followed me a while and definitely if we have met, that Art is at the foundation of my heart. I come from a family of artists. I grew up loving art, doing art, participating in all the creative avenues that were open to me- writing, theatre, painting and drawing. As I moved into adulthood my creativity and almost all art pursuit was shelved. An occasional field trip to a museum or theatre and coloring with toddlers was about as much that I participated in.

In this season of my life I keep passion, fun and service as the key elements to my endeavors. Opening and designing a business that incorporates these gives me purpose and fuels my creativity and art. I want to encourage you to embrace them as well.

A great place to start is to set aside an hour a week to have an art date. This is time that you use (by yourself) to explore your creativity, make art or do an “artsy” thing. Recently I have gone to a flower farm and did watercolors, went to the new Troll art piece in Portland, hiked to focus on natures artistry, went to a museum exhibit and made a free form collage.

I challenge you to do an art date this week then let me know what you did. Okay, stuck on what to do? Here is an idea- take 10 dollars and go to your local cheap store. Buy silly things like stick em stars, tiny dinosaurs, postcards, sparkly sequins, glue, crayons. Get creative and play.....

How did it go?

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