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Updated: Sep 17, 2019

What's that subject? YES you guessed it BRAS. Oh yea we will discuss its side kick the panty as well.

A lot of women are naturally drawn to the typical bra and panty sets because most women already have these as part of their everyday lingerie wardrobe. These sets can be wonderful options! There are many different styles for both the bra and panty. Lets start with the Bra!

The most important thing to remember when shopping for a bra is Bra Size, Bra Size, BRA SIZE!!! If you need help with this, Victoria’s Secret ( and other high end stores) can measure you for the proper bra size. It’s so very important.

Push-up Bras are the most common as most women feel as though they need a little boost to their “girls”. If you’re smaller chested, we suggest that you steer clear of the push-up bras. During posing, it can create a gap between the breast and the bra that isn’t very flattering to smaller chested women. Trust us, we’ve seen this issue more times than we can count. If you have a larger sized chest, again, just make sure you are purchasing the proper size!

Underwire Bras are typically wonderful for all shapes and breast size! Underwire options can do wonders for women who may need a little bit of a lift and offer amazing support for larger chests!

Other Bra options are things like cloth/t-shirt materials (...think Calvin Klein sets), Lace and Sheer bra’s that show a little bit more and add a very subtle and sexy touch.

Now, lets talk Panties. Panties come in all sorts of cuts ranging from high cut thongs to boy cut style booty shorts. Just about all lingerie and department stores have a large variety- try it all on to find the cut and style

that works perfectly for your tush and body shape. Then you can always go on-line where everything imaginable is found. To get that much loved perky #tushietuesday look, a gorgeous lace cheeky panty typically looks amazing on most booty shapes and sizes. We LOVE Lace!!!

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