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No Photoshop? How can that be!

When I picked up a camera again after many years (film to DSLR oh yea!) I started where I had left off in high school. Taking pictures of anything and everything that caught my eye. I quickly took my new/old hobby to a professional level by focusing on landscapes and scenery as my subject. I am lucky to live in a majestic area with plenty of subject matter. I entered my photo’s in art shows and juried submissions, joined professional associations, and sold prints at local events. I have a style that lends itself to minimal editing.

I do just enough editing to transfer flat RAW (digital file format) images into highly detailed and lightly enhanced pictures. With a high-end camera, I get the option to shoot in a RAW format. This format allows for more information to be captured in the image. It is also a format that must be run through an editing program to be seen and used by programs other than the camera itself. I chose to learn and still use a program called Lightroom. The program was created specifically for photographers to process images. Unlike Photoshop which is a graphic design program that one can use to process images.

What does any of this mean to you as a Boudoir client? It means I focus on getting the creative picture of you right in camera. I take extra time to make sure the light is how we want it, your posed flatteringly, tags are tucked in, etc. No changing out your face from a different picture or adding a different background. It means helping you see the amazing that you are without digitally enhancing or removing. I do light edits-think anything that isn’t permanent- a bruise, blemish, lipstick smear, skin tone and even, etc.

My goal is to empower the woman in my community through photography. I try to do that by showing each client- You're the definition of Beauty!

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