Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Why book a boudoir shoot for yourself today? Reward for reaching that goal Incentive to start Empowerment-take charge of your body image To finally have a Picture of yourself you like Be brave & stretch your boundaries Replace someone else’s view of you You need a Professional pic for business (headshot, CrossFit, blog post etc.)

***So that you can SEE that your body is perfect just the way you are!***

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As we move into 2021 I am going to be even more vocal about body positivity. I have a great on-line mentor that I am working with and in October will be doing a week long course with her. More on that

Coming into being!

Why haven't you started? Gosh this whole 2020 has given us a little license to delay or postpone just about anything and everything. I have had the most client bookings ever and also the most clients

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