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Global Pandemic insights

Everything is connected and brought to me by being open to possibilities. And everything was scary, new and difficult… until it wasn’t.

I have learned so much - SO MUCH - about what it means to a business owner, an entrepreneur, a changemaker, a photographer, and a creative.

I have encountered a lot of …… learning opportunities.

I have faced up to my fears and have taken chances on myself in ways that I never thought I could.

With every client, with every session, every project - I have met the most amazing humans who were willing to share their desires & fears around having their body photographed and this has allowed me to define my passionate purpose. A purpose that wasn't dulled by pandemic restrictions, wildfire evacuations and uncertain electricity outages. A purpose that was fiercely ignited and sharper because it these.

A purpose that extends far beyond the lens of my camera.

Moving forward into the post-pandemic world comes back to remembering and celebrating the times that I took a chance on myself.

When I took a chance on myself to pursue my photography career. When I took a chance on myself to purposely pursue shooting

boudoir/empowerment photography only. When I took a chance on myself to create and promote my studio. When I took a chance on myself to consistently share my vulnerabilities (every FB Live!) When I took a chance on myself to become a certified Boudoir Photographer. When I took a chance on myself to execute the Seniorella project.

At Mt Hood Photography I want to have conversation around who you are.

"You're the definition of Beauty" - and we want to help you see yourself as we see you, help you embrace giving yourself more love, compassion and grace.

I believe that as adults we need more FUN, adventure and creativity and to experience more joy and laughter. I will encourage you to show off your images with an "I am amazing" attitude that you gain from your empowering studio experience.

This is my gift.

This is my superpower.

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