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Coming into being!

Why haven't you started? Gosh this whole 2020 has given us a little license to delay or postpone just about anything and everything.

I have had the most client bookings ever and also the most clients who have taken the leap, paid their booking fee then poof- nothing.

I am writing to assure you that I get it. I also SEE you. Interacting on posts, browsing Pinterest boards and lingerie websites. Knowing that you know your in burn out and that you really must do something for yourself but even that is to much work.

So here is the deal. We have a planning session.... We chat all things boudoir, answer your questions, discuss your motivation, look at other's pretty pictures, book your perfect shoot day and then.... I don't leave you hanging. You get e mails, text or messages all the way through your shoot date. We continue to engage all about your experience. Because YOUR worth it and I want to show you that! My time is for you, however you need me.

So my question to you of why haven't you started, may not be about having a shoot but the many other things in your life. I want to encourage you to start. Whatever it is it doesn't have to be awesome, or complete or ready to be released into the world. Just take a deep breathe and start! YOUR worth it and you will feel so much better.

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