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January 3rd Email-


Let me tell you about myself so you will understand what I want. I have a terminal lung disease and not sure how much time I have left on this earth. All the photos of me for past few years I have an oxygen cannula on, ragged looking with no makeup on. I would like a photo to give my husband where I look vibrant and happy. Not really bonjoir but glamorous. I would like make up and hair done. Might be asking a lot for the make up artist I know.

Is this something you can do? If so, what are your approximate fees. I live in Sandy.

Thanks for your consideration.

January 3rd email-

Yes I would like to meet with you. It’s a lot of money but really want to do this for him. I am usually available most days but prefer afternoons.


September 27th text-

Hi Kathy, not sure if you remember me but I contacted you the first of the year but then backed out do to finances. I didn’t want to spend money on myself knowing that I will be gone soon and my husband will need it. He encouraged me to go for it as he wants me to be happy and spend whatever I want. I think I am ready now. I have unique situation and hopefully we can work through it. Would love to talk to you to discuss, Thanks

Yes probably ZOOM or phone as I don’t drive right now.

But I also have trouble talking at times due to coughing but hopefully we get a good moment.

September 27th text-

Sounds good.

October 9th text-

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. Ended up in the ER Sunday and haven’t really been able to get this pain under control so can do the shoot. What are weekend dates you have available now.

Thanks, I will check with my daughter and let you know. I have a couple of outfits so hopefully something works.

Ok do you still have November 1st?

October 10th text-

Ok put me down for that date. Need to have a date set so I don’t drag my feet.

October 11th text-

Perfect time.

I am getting excited but very apprehensive that I can pull it off with my breathing issues. I hope you are patient. I wasn’t going to go boudoir but decided what the heck, old women can have fun too. Just trying to find something where my boobs don’t hang down to my belly button has been a trial though.

October 27th E mail-

See you Sunday.

October 31st text-

I’m excited too. See you tomorrow.

November 15th text-

Oh I’m excited. Can you drop it off at my house. It’s a pajama sort of day. I am not far from the studio.

November 16 Text-

Kathy I love my book. I was so afraid that I would still look like I was dying, but the makeup and the angles you took of me didn’t show any of that. My husband loves it and I am glad I was able to give him a gift to remind him of the woman he married. Thank you so much. I am glad I finally did it.

January 16th Messenger-

Hello, I wanted to let you know that my mom passed away on Thursday. Thank you for providing her with that shoot that empowered her during her last few months. We are using the beautiful headshot we got for her obit-.

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