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Choosing Boudoir- or did it chose me?!

About the time my daughter in law was spouting off the merits of the “man cave” ( see last weeks post) I was exploring genres of photography. I came across a local photographer that I initially contacted to see if she was interested in doing some mentoring as she seemed to be successful and take lovely images. We explored the prospect, but it did not end up panning out. Like so many endeavors its hard to connect, learn and grow from each other with societies influences on competition. Once again, I could do another blog post on the topic of competition verses support of others. Let me just say that promoting, uplifting and encouraging others is always the right thing. There is enough work/business for everyone!

Back to the story- This photographer had a client cancel at the last minute and she posted that she would do the scheduled photo shoot for free as it was last minute. The booking was free not the images. So, I contacted her and very last minute grabbed a few lingerie items and made my way into downtown Portland on a raining weekday at noon.

This an image of me from that shoot.

I learned allot that day! I learned about things I did not want my business to do, a style that I could appreciate but acknowledge that I would do different, an experience that was epic but not as empowering as it could be.

The biggest thing I learned was that this was my genre!

This was what I was supposed to do. By having my own photo shoot, it opened my eyes to all the possibilities, all the feelings, all the changes that a Boudoir shoot could influence. The opportunity and space to provide encouragement, empathy, uplifting, embrace body positivity and all the love that I could shower on woman was my calling. To be able to show each client that “You are the definition of Beauty”!

The studio was ready to be rockin- I contacted my beautiful talented friend Chelsea Bowman to provide hair and makeup services and soon had enough work to have the amazing Sarahi Welton do hair and makeup as well.

I built my brand, completed a certified Boudoir Photography schooling, continued with more education. Last year I traveled and studied to become a Body Image Bootcamp facilitator. I continue to evolve and grow as a woman, biz owner and photographer.

We continue to add more and more unique areas and services at the studio to have your perfect photo shoot experience. I update product offerings and use the best quality and ethical professional labs so that your album and/or artwork is as stunning as you are,

I have worked long hard hours through all sorts of crazy these past years. I have poured all I have to make my business profitable and keep my values true to who I am. I am so excited to be celebrating 4 and a half years of studio work, serving hundreds of clients, thousands of dollars supporting the Seniorella project and doing my best to help empower the girls in my community.

And so all that (3 blog posts later), is how I created a studio and became a professional certified Boudoir Photographer!

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