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Casual Sunday Afternoons

Creativity enables you to connect with the beauty around you. Engaging in art elevates your mood. Art stimulates your brain and improves cognitive ability. Sharing the making of art, be it sewing, writing, painting, drawing, playing music, or growing beautiful flowers breaks down barriers.

You probably look at different mediums of art like painting, film, music, photography, writing and tell yourself “Damn, I wish I could do that”.

Well, what if I told you a little secret? YOU CAN…..

You are a creative and an artist and here’s why- you were designed that way!

Now you may be thinking I am not gifted or talented, I don’t pursue arts as my brain doesn’t do that. I am not creative.

One of our chief needs to be creative especially in an artistic way is support. This can be hard to come by. Ideally as children we would get this from our nuclear family then as we have bigger circles- friends, teachers, well wishers, etc would fuel it.

If our attempts and efforts were not encouraged or acknowledged we may not see ourselves as artists. Or they were then somewhere along the line it changed.

Perhaps the greatest barrier to expanding how we view ourselves are thoughts of when we are being creative we must have something to show for it. The fear of “doing it wrong” or not well, keep us from the joys of creating and creating artistically. The process is not valuable in of itself.

Trusting your own creativity maybe a new behavior, it may take some serious self talk.

Look for some affirmations and some ideas around how to start your new journey or continue on being creative, An artist! I will be posting them all month in the FB VIP group. Let’s get creative together.

You are a creative and an artist- what a joyous realization!

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