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All about camiknickers!

Teddy’s are very similar to a bodysuit. Basically, a teddy is a playtime-approved bodysuit. They generally are a little sexier and show a little more than the typical bodysuit. A teddy looks like a swimsuit. It is a pleasurable fusion of a cami (or a bra) and a panty, hence the name camiknicker! You get them in a two-piece design made with fabrics like lace, satin, lycra, and leather.

They typically have built in cups for added support whereas a bodysuit does not. Teddy’s are (usually) not padded but have underwire support.

To really spice them up, you can easily add a garter belt with stockings or just wear some stockings without the garter belt. Most are sheer and it adds even more allure to these little delicate pieces. The added peek through, cut outs and ribbon in some of the styles and fabrics add a little extra spice for some added sexy to your wardrobe!

Depending on how adventurous you are there are many types of teddy's you can choose

from—whether you’re more into a daring S&M-inspired style or a classy white fine lace piece, the range of teddy's is wide enough for you to find one that suits your lingerie style.

Teddy’s are very flattering to almost every single shape and size, so they are always a Boudoir shoot favorite.


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Sep 26, 2019

Wow a lot more to learn than I thought...

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