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Your too big!

“well this is just for fun”

“this is something I do for family & friends, oh yea & people who ask me for it”

"My job is being a mom"

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you make yourself insignificant to make others more important? It’s hard for people to be supportive when they don’t fully understand you and what your talents are.

Do you really think that when you deny your true self the uniquely wonderful, amazing, person that you are doesn't suffer? Does your fear for what others will think keep expectations for yourself low? When you have something to say do you remain silent? Have you ever declared your dreams out loud?

Its hard to embrace the idea that not everyone will approve of you are what you want. But you do get to decide who you are.

Are you unsure of where to start? I have an idea for you- Boudoir.

It’s not just taking a provocative picture of you. It’s overcoming the fear of seeing yourself being vulnerable, openly gloriously beautiful and more attractive then you thought possible and overcoming the fear that holds you back in doing a portrait session like this. Yes overcoming fears are huge and really seeing yourself can be scary.

If your always being small then I ask you how can you raise, influence and be proactive for the women and girls in your life?

You are important; what you say, dream and do matters- everyday! You- the real you matters. Do not sit out and feel small. Grab your dreams and silliest notions and LOVE and faith and go out and be BIG!

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