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serendipity- opening a studio

It is serendipity when multiple things come together!

I was in a bible study group that was focusing on asking questions and exploring what god’s purpose was for each of us. My answers kept revolving around photography. Connecting with people in a different way. Using the special gifts that he gave me that I had not really shared before.

I was a little stuck though. I knew that I loved landscape photography, but National Geographic was not knocking at my door. I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to pursue them either. Going to trade shows and farmers markets to sell my images didn’t appeal to me either.

During this time my son and his family were looking at properties in Sandy to make a move. They would frequently keep me updated on how it was going. One day my daughter in law called to tell me that they were purchasing a property. She went on to tell me about the house, 5.5 acres of land, 2 ponds and the outbuildings. She then mentions that she is claiming the barn as hers. As she tells me all about her plans for the space. She mentions that part of it is built out as a “Man Cave”. She goes into detail about all the great potential it has. I listen politely as she rambles on in excitement. Then I am floored when she says

“ I want you to use the space as your studio”. Converted barn space: how intriguing, how unique what an opportunity!

It takes a YEAR! Yep, a year of cleaning out, dump runs, painting, cleaning some more, more painting, replacing fixtures. Purchasing items to create “a set”, hair and makeup area and usable restroom. Installing heat and AC. Fixing problems when it rains, and it floods the space. Making it so that we stop tripping the electric breakers.

Next up was to create a business plan, a brand, a following and a portfolio.

So now I have a studio what kind of photo shoots do I want to do?

Come back for next weeks blog for the rest of the story :)

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