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Are you more focused on your outcomes or the process?

I found that in the last month as I have been updating and re-working the website that I was disappointed that people weren't booking shoots from it right away. That my calendar had empty spots was discouraging. After all I put in hours of work to set up this new feature.

As I pondered this disappointment I realized that that the value is in the experience which is what I am always preaching on.

You can get a nice picture of yourself pretty easy these days especially with selfies being the norm and camera phone qualities and filters


But a luxury Boudoir experience is all about the process. The planning of your shoot, picking outfits, overcoming hesitations, the adrenalin rush of doing something outside your norm, spending resources on yourself, having a FUN time without the distractions of life and of course having amazing images to show off.

I got lost in outcomes of what should happen from the site. I discounted the pleasure I have in showing more content, sharing more about myself and providing information and education. The process gave me hours of enjoyment and a creative outlet that I can be proud of.

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