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#nakedinsandy yeah, it’s a thing!

Early on one of my trainings stressed the importance of having your unique hashtag. #nakedinsandy was the first thing that came to mind and it stuck. I try to use it on my Instagram. Oh yeah I have one of those, you should follow me cause I don’t have many followers it’s here-

Little did I realize that almost 5 years later it would mean so much more to me. Let me tell you a little story …..

Like so many people we ended up getting a pet during COVID. Actually, we discussed it allot and got it as COVID shut down and restrictions were lifted. My husband and I had not had a pet that we picked out together as “ours” ever. Having our children when we were young and being extremely busy with them, we just didn’t have the time or energy for pets.

Enter working from home, having a new friend that is a breeder and the ugliest/cutest cats ever. The Sphynx breed really appealed to us. They are super smart, LOVE being with people as they are very social and no shedding. Which appealed to my not having more to clean side.

Some cats that are specifically bred do not become “show cats” or potential breeding cats themselves. These become family cats and depending on the litter (specific gene markers, health, etc.) are then rehomed.

This is what we were interested in. A full bred cat from an amazing ethical breeder that needed a family home. It’s what we got then some.

We are so in love with the mama kitty who was ready to live out her days of leisure – meet Farore

And one of her kittens Cosmos keeper of Chaos. Who is so goofy, inquisitive, charming, playful and loving…

They totally embrace the #nakedinsandy brand don’t you think?!

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