I am not that great!

WHY? Well, because this was never about me. I started boudoir and women’s portraiture with the opening of the studio location in Sandy a year and a half ago. Although I have been a photographer for a lot longer than that. I wanted to give women a reason to feel amazing. I am not the greatest at many things; I'm not an athlete, I’ve never been good at remembering names or staying up late to party, I can cook well, but nothing fancy. But I knew I could give back to people in what I excel at. Reminding women how incredible they not only look, but the worth and value that belongs to only them. I knew that if I could show them visually how the rest of the world really sees them; they would believe me. I can do this because I truly believe it myself. Your photo experience is all about creating the place to feel love for self, mind and body. From the planning session, hair and makeup styling, shooting of your images all the way through the reveal and ordering process to the final presentation or your artwork or album- Your reminded again and again that the definition of beautiful is you!

Because the start of this was never about me. It was always about you.

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