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Going pro-The start......

I am frequently asked how I got started as a photographer and I usually give a very short 2 sentence explanation. I was exploring what sorts of things that you all might want to read a blog about when I new client asked me this very question. So I thought “ya know I should write and share…… so here goes”.

Almost 13 years ago I was at a transition point in life. My kids were grown and out of the house, my husband had changed careers and I had time and some funds to do what I wanted. What did I want to do? I really felt compelled to get back into creating, specifically creating art.

Some of you may know that my dad was an artist. I could write another post on his story… maybe I will someday. He was always supportive of my art and when I was younger, I explored many different types. I started journaling about all the types of art I liked to create over my lifespan. I really wanted something that was challenging, interesting and fun. Something I could use my previous education to get started doing right away.

Photography was the answer. I did some research and bought as much camera as I could afford. I still use this camera as a second and back up to my newer one. Digital was a whole new world and all the principles I had learned were still applicable just different. So off to MHCC and a local education co-op for some updated classes.

Then I went out joined a meet up group of woman photographers and did lots of shooting.

Another love of mine is travel. Taking pictures- professional quality of the places I went to was an added adventure. My husband is now used to getting up at 4:00 AM to drive then hike to the perfect spot to capture sunrises. I do have to promise him amazing breakfasts as an incentive to go with me though.

I had some contacts in the local art community that saw my FB posts of my primarily landscape images and they encouraged me to enter some in Juried art shows. A juried show is where you submit your art and a panel decides if it meets the criteria, adds value and is of the same quality of the other pieces they are presenting. Most shows have a public showing and the art is in a gallery for sale for a period of time. They usually have awards that are given to pieces as well. My work was in many shows and won numerous awards. It led to me being asked to participate in a professional photography club as well as a Professional Photography Association fine art study group. This is a very limited group of amazing artists that I still belong to today.

All of this led to me selling my artwork. Becoming a professional photographer and ultimately facing the decision….. What, how, when and why do I want to take this FUN creative outlet and change it into a small business that provides my income.

Check out next weeks blog post- Part 2 -opening a studio. As the story continues.

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