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Create a little drama!

What goes up must come down;

As I mentioned a little bit with the Teddy’s, adding a garter belt with stockings is FIRE! I absolutely love how much these two small additions can add to a look. The ultimate undergarment accessory, the garter belt is designed to secure your favorite pair of thigh high stockings. Garter Belts generally sit right at the waist line with adjustable straps that hang down your legs to attach the stockings to. I also love the look of just the garter belt without the stockings. With our expert posing we are able to use the garter belt straps as a little bit of an added touch to a super sexy pose!

You can shop around to find a wide variety of beautiful colors, fabrics and details to add to your lingerie collection. Choices can be as bold as candy brights, or classic like black or a demure white.

As far as stockings go, there are so many different options when it comes to stockings. One of our all-time favorites are the fishnets!! So much added SEXY with these.

Garter Belts & Stockings can be purchased almost anywhere at any price point. They even have them on the Walmart website! If your going to have them as a wardrobe staple high quality brands will be a smart investment. Make sure they fit great as they should not be visible when worn under clothing.

What goes up must come down. And oh how appealing the dismantling is, frame by frame during your shoot!

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