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Break all the rules.....

As we move into 2021 I am going to be even more vocal about body positivity. I have a great on-line mentor that I am working with and in October will be doing a week long course with her. More on that later.

I am so excited to share more, discuss more, empower and educate more. Actually just be MORE.

I want to encourage you to live proud in whatever type body you have! It's hard to accept your body when you are constantly bombarded with messages that you need to change. You will always be surrounded by people that are dieting and obsessed with their weight and people who encourage you to do the same. I bet that a brief look at your social media feed will show multiple before & after pics depicting larger sad bodies then happy smaller bodies. "Lifestyle" or " Healthy" posts that never once mention diets but really are. I know mine is. These all scream if your not working on looking like the standard norm then your unhealthy (no matter your size or the truth about your health situation). Fat, large bodies=sad people in unhealthy bodies.

What to do? First of all give yourself a break when you feel comparisons or a sense of inadequacy. Then the most potent response is to strengthen your defenses. Cultivate internal resources. The more you recognize and embrace your beauty and value the less others can effect your world.

To be continued throughout 2021 stay tuned :)

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