Accessories can add so much to your session. By adding accessories, you are able to add that sentimental personal touch to your session.

They can add a touch of class, a pop of color, define your personality, use heirloom items and the list goes on... Statement pieces of jewelry are one of the main ways to add some personality and personal style. The most common of these would be a statement necklace. These pieces can be bold and eye-catching.

Wedding rings are another favorite piece to capture in intimate photos and can help tell a visual story.

An additional all-time favorite piece to accessorize with are Body Chains! Body chains can be added to a piece of lingerie or can also be worn completely by itself! Nude but not 😊

Other added accessories are shoes, stockings, body jewelry, rings, bracelets, or even a sexy sheer robe. One last thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking about the smaller details of your session, is nail color!! Think natural/non distracting colors for your nails!! Unless you want them to be a statement in of themselves.

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