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Intimate Photography Experience

Because you're the definition of Beauty!

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Behind the camera:
Kathy here- I offer unique photo experiences that empower; by giving you the space to let go of inhibitions, tap into your essence as a woman or perhaps conquer fears of not being enough. 

From our romantic classic country studio located in Sandy, Oregon and our in home stylized studio in Sisters, Oregon we create your gorgeous images.

I am a passionate award winning photographer that sees each client as the definition of beauty and my goal is to show "her" to you in amazingly crafted images. 

Treat yourself to a day of pampering, style, sexy and FUN!    
  Start a new chapter of self love....

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I am here to serve you. To have conversation around who you are;
"You are the definition of Beauty" - and I want to help you see yourself as I see you. So you can embrace giving yourself more love, compassion and grace.

I believe as adults we need more FUN, adventure and creativity and to experience more joy and laughter.
I encourage you to show off your images with an "I am amazing" attitude that you gain from your empowering studio experience.
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"The most powerful relationship you will ever have,
is the relationship with yourself".
Diane Von Furstenberg
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Such a fantastic experience!

See yourself


With Mt Hood Photography-intimates

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