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Lets go on a retreat!

What if your real heroine journey is to live with the fullness of what is already in you?


Enjoy the beauty and
tap into the
peace of Central Oregon

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We will spend 2 nights and 3 days in the gated community at Black Butte Ranch.

Cocktail party

Spa day outings

Catered meals

Alone time 

Mini Boudoir photo shoot

Fun conversations that spark growth, healing and creativity! 

We are going to take a weekend to gain clarity, seek guidance, learn from each other and have fun... Everyone has a story to tell...

You are NOT alone... Life has a way of taking its toll for many reasons and even positive transformations can cause anxiety.

We will explore body positivity as taught to us, as felt by us and get curious as to what we have embraced and why.

We are going to examine as a group and individually the authenticity that surrounds our own unique gifts; to lead us to more joy and fulfillment in our work, relationships and with ourselves.

Each participant will have a mini location Boudoir shoot. The luxury experience will help you to “see” yourself as brave, daring, sensual and uniquely amazingly Beautiful!

Join us and retreat to start your journey to living more fully loving yourself today!

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Space is limited to 5 participants as each women will have their own bedroom in our spacious private home.

Event date-September 16-18, 2022

Price to attend is $1,500 Payments plans available click to book now

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