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Time is Precious

I am frequently asked if a couple hours is enough time to block out of a schedule for a photo shoot and clients are amazed when I say no.

So here are the details. This time is for you! It is all about you!! and we don't want to cut your experience short. We want to give you an amazing adventure and have as much time as we need to do that in. We explore your look and that may take more or less time in hair and makeup and finalizing outfit choices.

Our shoot time revolves around getting past nervousness, trying different poses, sets and ideas. Sometimes we switch it up and go outside or add different elements (wind fan, staged lighting etc.) We may take photos of lots of different accessories with each outfit or spend more time working toward comfortably shooting implied nudes or partial or total nudes.

I cull and edit your photos as you wait- usually this is pretty quick but intranet speed can be a variable. As well as how much chat time we take.

The selection of the photos you love can be quick or take more consideration. Narrowing down 50-80 images to 5-25 is easier for some than others. We then go over your order, collect payment and discuss delivery.

If your okay with me sharing your experience we might film a brief testimonial.

So plan for 4-5 hours for your epic Boudoir experience!

This is a general time frame we follow:

6 0 minutes hair /make up

6 0 minutes shooting

4 5 minutes break while I edit

6 0 minutes same day viewing / ordering

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