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Lacing, Modesty Panel, Waspie and Busk…. HUH?

We’re talking Corsets and Bustiers. Corsets and Bustiers can be used to create a multitude of style and/or themes including burlesque, rockabilly, Gothic, steampunk. They also come in classically elegant and stylish designs. There are differences between Corsets and Bustiers, so let’s break it down.

Corsets have very strong boning built inside of the pieces to give very secure structure to the body. They are able to nip and tuck a few inches from the waistline and give an added shape. One of the main differences between a Corset and Bustier are that Corsets do not have cups or underwire built in. It’s usually a flat piece that can very easily make someone look smaller or flat chested. However, typically with a corset, you are focusing more on defining the waist rather than the chest.

Bustiers are also different in the length. They typically do not cover the entire waist focusing more on defining and lifting the breasts.

Meant to emphasize an hourglass figure, sexy corsets and bustiers are a classic that just won't quit. There's a reason they've been around forever: The shape they create has always been the very epitome of sexy.

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